MK-ULTRA survivor speaks

I believe we’re all MK-Ultra survivors. Anybody born after 1953 has been subjected to this experiment, in one way or another. If you watch movies or TV, listen to music, listen to the radio, or engage in just about any form of entertainment, you most likely have been subjected, and not just a little bit. Since our childhood, we’ve been being controlled by commercials, and subliminal suggestions of all kinds which are hidden within all of it. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.  How it effects each individual, or if it effects someone at all, depends upon many personal factors that have to do with the person’s mental condition, and emotional state. These, and other factors combine to create a subject that is more easily effected, and controlled by the suggestions and pitfalls that make some people better subjects than others. Subjects are created by the behaviors and conditions of the subject themselves. Their participation in certain activities and lifestyles makes them a more vulnerable subject for the experiment. Mk-Ultra never ended, and it is still happening today. They might call it something different, like Monarch, but it’s pretty much the same concept. Mind control, in various forms.
Įrašas paskelbtas temoje dermokratijos informacinis karas, gal kam pades atsibusti, JUVENALINE JUSTICIJA, kaip satanistai valdo, karas pries Lietuva (pasauliniu mastu - pries zmonija), pabudome ir kelkimes :). Išsisaugokite pastovią nuorodą.

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