Mr. President Trump,

Mr. President Trump,
The Sovietunion decay on January 13, 1990, the former KGB agent Lansbergis has shot his own people to realize his plan with other criminals from the USA, so that also photos have appeared together with Mr. J.Sorros. In 1993 the presidential election was poisoned by a candidate Lozoraitis in a hotel of another candidate woman as an administrator, also a visible signature of the same agent V.Lansbergis (one dies and both candidates take to the presidential election in own hands) is the more modern Marionette entered the presidency of the state. The last referendum of 320000 people (total about 2 million) was blackmailed and to this day by state authorities. Mr. President Trump, I ask you to remove US military forces from our country and not to solve them in our internal problems. We want to be sure that our criminals do not exercise military force against the people. We are all more than sure that the Russian Federation will never reach us, that says our common mentality strategy and solidarity. Neighbor to have friendly diplomatic relations with each other. I will also ask Mr. Putin for attention and we as a people will apologize for our corrupt country people. With this letter I will ask UN Secretariat to send an election observer to Staadt Lithuania, we have repeatedly observed the election and referendum falsifications. With this letter I also request Mrs. Merkel to withdraw Bundeswehr missions from Lithuania with an entry ban (see, Joint Aleierten Friedensakt 1945-1948). EU referendum as constitutional repulsive. Here with me also a blackmail of Mr. Makein to represent the after Ryga and Lithuania visit as factually and eriner that after 2001 had applied for asylum application in Germany and after cancellation in my home injured, now again however in BRD GmbH further pursued through driving permission . I am a working person and have no protection, because of me I ask them to take me as an Icognito. Another asylum application this mall for my family is also not excluded, but can no longer be in Germany as a possible teritorium hazard. The life danger is directly to you, after last visit by my father in Lithuania he died in Russian Federation / unsuccessful / killed and by Mr Lansbergis still loudly in the media targeted. I am quite sure, my father noticed me about his life. I thank you for taking the time to read my letter. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Šis įrašas paskelbtas kategorijoje dermokratijos informacinis karas, gal kam pades atsibusti, JUVENALINE JUSTICIJA, ka daryti?, kaip satanistai valdo, karas pries Lietuva (pasauliniu mastu - pries zmonija), LIBIJA _ LIBYA _ ЛИВИЯ_SYRIA_UKRAINE_RUSSIA, pabudome ir kelkimes :). Išsaugokite jo nuorodą.

6 Responses to Mr. President Trump,

  1. PS parašė:

    Tas pats kaip ožiukui rašyti laišku vilkui – vilke, tu tik mūsų neėsk,

    • douktris parašė:

      tai laiskas daugiau skirtas avinams atkreipt demesy

      • PS parašė:

        Avinai ir yra avinai, jie tik į skerdyklą ir niekur kitur. Kiek jau deginosi, rašė laiškus Lietuvoje – ir nieko. Nes prieš “teisingą” režimą. O kai prieš “neteisingą”, tada taip, paskutinis bulvarinis šiklaikraštis ištimituos… Apie tai kaip, pavyzdžiui, Putino režimo “dusinamas” debilas kiaušinius prie asfalto prisikalė ar panašiai.

  2. douktris parašė:

    kiek suprantu, parase Vokietijoj gyvenantis lietuvis

  3. Aleksas parašė:

    Suprantu bendra ir teisinga kreipimosi esme, bet ziaurus angliskas vertimas, galejo zmogus paprasyti kieno nors kokybiskiau isversti. Nezinanciam susidaro konkretus ispudis, kad pats Lozoraitis kazka nunuodijo…

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