dar viena parduota FE siela. bet jau matosi sviesa tunelio gale.

galima tiketi, kad cia ne feikas, nes autorius senokai dalyvauja fe forume ir nepastebetas “vinguriuojant“


Hi Wesley,
I apreciate your words but im not search a investor like some of that guys that you enumerate. I already work to a company , and i have now a really good and nice life :) only by doing what i like and being paid to make that. That bad times already go away  , when i dont have resources to work or to live .I really dont earn anthing show my vídeos  i just show because my true inside feelings is share to people  ,  even condicionated in what is showed and in what people want to see .
I just try to show to some  that type of system could be made in several ways not only in the way like ruslan show or others. But something seems common between all that circuits. And that is something to think . BEMF and their use in circuit  .
That type of circuit have not just one stage but several ,  either have  a fixed frequencie , but a frequencie controlled by parametric oscilator , that work based in change of inductance of one of reactor. Many aproach could be used to reach the same goal  but in diferent manners.
Myself post some months ago some of that examples Stages diagram in my channel and in that forum .
But im not teaching anyone even earn anything …  Only sometimes some insults and bad words in my YouTube channel  comments :)

All the best to you


Re: Kapanadze Cousin – DALLY FREE ENERGY
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Hi Nelson,

To refine what is common would you mind to answer few questions? This would allow us to see what is common and different.

1) You are also using high voltage in your builds. What function it does in your system?
2) Are you using cw+ccw windings? If so, are they influenced by high voltage field?
3) Are you charging capacitors with system output? If so, do you also use some inverter circuit to step down voltage for loads?
4) Are you using nanosecond spikes for gaining extra energy from the environment?


Hi ,
Answering your questions by order:
High voltage is present because the collapse field of a coil tend to create high REACTIVE kick that are able to fill capacitors to high potencial easily not all types , that is the main reason but not just that. How we will interact with ambient and electrostatic field without high potential ? Should we use high positive potential or high negative potential ? Should make diference if that high potential is positive or negative  in relation to ambient surround?
I use coils with cw/ccw configuration to do particular action even in low voltage , coils could act like a diode, blocking current in one Direction and even  regulate that current under certain techniques . about the infuence of the hv in that type of  configuration  it will depend of many factors how is the “signature“ of hv in output,  but that you  already know about that ;) .
No i do not charge caps with the output , but i discharge caps to have output :) but that caps first need to be full  :)  is the reason to i say that systems have more that one stage and should not be  understanded like just one process  but a combination off several process.
Yes i use nano pulses but made by own design ;  their action is  create a heavy unipolar pulse that make a very sharp pulse in a coil in a combination of series /parallel resonance . That effect is managed by a parametric oscilator that regulate how stronger is the pulses applyed to a coil and the frequencie used. the pulses will increase in their intensity after some seconds system start working and charges start be collected in other stage of circuit, make pulses going stronger and stronger , oscillation after oscillation.
Hope my answers could help you about your doubts


Įrašas paskelbtas temoje free energy, gal kam pades atsibusti, pabudome ir kelkimes :), zmoniu bendruomenes, ka daryti?. Išsisaugokite pastovią nuorodą.

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    • douktris sakė:

      jo, ydomus zmogus. uztikau jy ytubej pries pora metu. ydomu eksperimenta padare su statine elektra. pasirodo jos “+“ ir “-“ niekuom nesiskiria.

      tik su elektroforo masina pas jy nekorektiskas eksperimentas. reikejo elektrodus patikrinti su kompasu, kai leideno bankes iskrautos.

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