Leo Zagami ON TURKEY


“Turkey is a driving force of Islam (because of their past Ottoman heritage), as opposed to being a simple pawn of the New World Order; remember: Turkey is a NATO country“.
p. 308 Leo Lyon Zagami “Confessions of an Illuminati vol.1″. CCC Publishing.

In 2014, in this political science analysis of the present state of the Turkish Military Security Services, Miraç KAĞANOĞLU, from the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences Department of International Relations at the University of Szeged, made these interesting remarks:
In the state tradition of Turkey, the army has a dominant position. The military do not limit the definition of their duty to the security of the country and have always been one of the most important actors to shape the political, social and economic life of the country. Ever since the foundation of the republic, the military has tried to drive and shape all spheres of life whether in a direct or a roundabout fashion. The army has become institutionalized through its central role in the nation-state structure and has been presented as the epitome of the modern Republic of Turkey on the basis of what it represents. Under the AKP government, the power of the army in Turkish politics has dramatically diminished since 2002. Over the past two years, a number of officers and retired generals have been arrested in connection with the so called “Ergenekon” case. Prosecutors accuse the network of planning to create chaos through a serious of bloody provocations, thus justifying a coup against the AKP government.
On the other hand, Turkish National Intelligence Agency (MIT) also came up with some conflicts with the current governments, that were established since the Ottoman Empire, but replaced a few times by new intelligence organizations. Briefly MIT was the governmental intelligence organization of Turkey. It was established in 1965 to replace the National Security Service. The role of the Army in Ottoman-Turkish history is an important tool to understand the main premise of Turkish political culture. With the dissolution of the Otto- man Empire, the Army began to place itself in daily politics with administrative motives.
However, not much reaction has been existent in terms of that autonomy. As a result, the democratic consolidation of Turkey cannot be fully realized. On the one hand, the military elites role in the modernization process in the late Ottoman and early Republican era is generally taken as the principal cause of military intervention. The Turkish Army, as the sole actor in safe-guarding the state from external and “internal” enemies, most of the time de- pends on its historical role in building a nation-state. On the other hand, we cannot go with- out the role of National Intelligence Agency of Turkey in terms of historical and recent issues, and its conflicts and cooperations with government, governmental organizations, and non- governmental—even illegal—organizations. In this paper, those issues, and MIT itself, will be very briefly examined. In addition, recently the Turkish National Intelligence Agency’s (MIT) role in government has been shifting, and some question its role in an incident on the Syria-Turkish border, Hatay. On January 1, news broke that a big rig was stopped in the city of Hatay en route to Syria. Initially the focus of the news was on Turkey’s Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), but savvy observers quickly realized the involvement of the Turk- ish National Intelligence Agency (MIT) was the real news. Different sources confirmed that MIT personnel were accompanying the big rig, and that they had prevented a police search. Turkey’s government has taken another controversial step amid deepening political turmoil, this time moving to expand the powers of Turkey’s spy agency, turning it into an intelligence coordination body that will work directly under the prime minister.
“The problem that emerged in the presidential election process is focused on arguments over secularism. Turkish Armed Forces are concerned about the recent situation, the Turkish Armed Forces are a party in those arguments, and absolute defender of secularism. Also, the Turkish Armed Forces are definitely opposed to those arguments and negative comments. They will display their attitude and action openly and clearly whenever it is necessary. Those who are opposed to Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s understanding, ‘How happy is the one who says I am a Turk’ are enemies of the Republic of Turkey and will remain so. The Turkish Armed Forces maintain their sound determination to carry out their duties ste ming from laws to protect the unchangeable characteristics of the Republic of Turkey. Their loyalty to this determination is absolute“…

cit. p. 309 Ibid.

“ the infiltration of the Turkish police force by the subversive Islamic sect of Fetullah Gülen, a.k.a. the Khomeini of Turkey, as some define him“.

cit. p. 310 Ibid.

“The English newspaper The Guardian broke the news in the following way:
In his request for the warrant, Istanbul public prosecutor Hasan Yilmaz, accused Gülen of leading a criminal organization. According to Turkish media reports, the charges include op- erating an armed terror group, which carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison. Yilmaz said that, ‘sufficient tangible evidence showed that Gülen committed a crime, was collected during the investigation.’ Turkish authorities are now able to apply to Washington for extradition of the elderly cleric, though such a request is likely to put strained relations with Turkey’s NATO ally under further pressure. Following a string of orchestrated raids on media outlets with ties to the cleric last Sunday, the warrant marks another escalation in the battle between Erdoğan and Gülen, whose movement, also known as Hizmet, has millions of followers worldwide.
Erdoğan has accused his foe of establishing a “parallel structure” within the state, by plac- ing his followers in institutions such as judiciary and the police, and of exerting strong influence through his media empire. Gülen denies any intent to overthrow Erdoğan, or the Turkish government.“

cit. p. 311

Įrašas paskelbtas temoje gal kam pades atsibusti, kaip satanistai valdo, karas pries Lietuva (pasauliniu mastu - pries zmonija), LIBIJA _ LIBYA _ ЛИВИЯ_SYRIA_UKRAINE_RUSSIA. Išsisaugokite pastovią nuorodą.

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