Flat Earth Psy Op is the Real Conspiracy

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Flat Earth Psy Op is the Real Conspiracy

February 3, 2016

(It’s “what if the earth were flat“ you tin hatters!)

The Flat Earth fad is a “conspiracy theory“ designed to

distract, divide and discredit those who understand 

modern society has been enslaved by the Judeo Masonic (Satanic) conspiracy. It  creates cognitive dissonance, and make us question all our assumptions, especially those which are True.


“This flat earth stuff is to mess with your mind.“ 

by Sean Caiside 


According to some,  the earth is in fact a flat disc and not a globe. This meme took off after Obama equated climate change deniers to members of the “Flat Earth Society.“ Within 12 months, YouTube was flooded with a mass of videos.

The assumptions of this Meme are:

  1. The Earth is a Flat Disc.
  2. Our globe-shaped world orbiting the sun is a myth.
  3. The sun and moon are spherical, but much smaller than mainstream science states, and they rotate around a plane of the Earth, because they appear to do so.
  4. Arctic Circle in the centre and Antarctica is a continent forming an ice rim of 150-foot-tall wall of ice, NASA and the military guard this wall to stop you climbing over it and falling off the end of the Earth.
  5. Gravity is an illusion. When driving, it is not gravity that pins you to the road, but the rapid upward motion of a disc-shaped planet.
  6. Space exploration and the moon landings are all faked.
  7. The Sun is not 93 million miles away but is much smaller and only 4,000 miles above the Earth.
  8. Horizon is always at eye level.  (See also- Ten Absurd Claims  of Flat Earth ConspiracyTheorists)

They fail to address:

  1. What lies underneath the Earth and how the disc sits or what holds it up. [The earth sits on the back of giant tortoise- Makow]
  2. Cannot explain orbiting satellites or GPS. They rationalize that Satellites are a hoax and GPS only exists due to a network of radio transmitters.

(Left, Tiny sun circle above flat earth. How it also heats the world isn’t explained.)

  1. How does the Sun circle the Earth for night and day. They say Sun travels via zero space and instantaneously appears on the other side of the disc. When facts and science contradict, they make up nonsensical explanations. First, gravity does not exist and then it does exist to bend the sun’s rays. This is when they are explaining why you can’t view the other end of the Earth. To debunk a globe model; they have yet to produce is a photo of edge of the flat earth.


Conspiracy theorist Eric Dubay launched the International Flat Earth Research Society (IFERS) claiming all others were “controlled opposition“. Dubay stands out for a documentary claiming Adolf was a peaceful, honourable individual unfairly tarnished by the Zionist media.

Flat Earthism is like a new religion with its dogmas  and many schisms. Three websites vying for flat earth supremacy differ from the trivial (who had the idea first) to the argumentative (Are the Jews to blame for suppressing flat-Earth truths?). Everybody is trying the define it; there is no unified theory.

Flat earther, Daniel Shenton states, “There is no unified flat Earth model but the most commonly accepted one is that it’s more or less a disc, with a ring of something to hold in the water. The height and substance of that, no one is absolutely sure, but most people think it’s mountains with snow and ice.“


This is a “PsyOp“ which requires large funding from intelligence agencies and governments and corporations. It has become a tool of reverse psychology e.g. if you are broad minded enough to know 911 was a false flag; and now just accept Flat Earth theories. When you engage with this Psyop, a paid shill replies from their “Flat Earth Manual“ like some cyborg, there is a mass of paid bloggers on CIA pay roll to push this.

(left. They think the earth is the center of universe.)

The meme is the ideal project for mind-control that could be devised by Tavistock institute & CIA. It is amazing how many clever, well-meaning and spiritually oriented individuals have been suckered in by this transparent pseudo-scientific sham.

The psy op is designed to create cognitive dissonance. You’ve been lied to your whole life to believe in the Globe model.

What is the underlying agenda? Lumping Christians and Truthers in a divide and rule strategy; some will fall for this trick while others won’t be easily deceived by this nonsense. This flat earth stuff is to mess with your mind.

Flat Earthers exchange one set of lies for another. My advice is to eschew cognitive dissonance and reside in truth.


First Comment from Ingmor:

About 1 year ago, conspiracy youtubers started getting flooded with flat earth video recommendations even though they had previously never watched a flat earth video in their life. Cass Sunstein, left, chief Obama administration propagandist describes this technique in his book “Nudge.“ The technique is to target groups whose opinion they want to shape and gently nudge in the certain directions with several techniques. These include infiltrators and internet forums or comments sections of articles as well as using connections with websites such as youtube to give people recommendations based on their data to push them where they need to go.

Up until now on youtube, this has been most notably used for pushing the reptillian story as well as other bizarre new age conspiracy angles to make people discredit themselves when talking about truth as well getting lost in labyrinths of insanity. It has also been used for other topics such as global warming, zionism, and alternative health (which Sunstein specifically mentions in his book). It is important that the nudging is gentle and incremental.

I have come across many people who just one year ago were speaking serious truths. Now all they want to talk about is the flat earth, something of no consequence compared to the murder of almost all of humanity.

These people have been NEUTRALIZED

Makow comment: I think they have made their point. A lot of so-called “Truthers“ are mentally unstable. Pilots would have flown over the edge and under the disc long ago.


How We Know the Earth is Round 























From JB, a flat earther:

How flat earth is similar to 9/11 truth.


  1. Those that believe in the flat earth like to talk and think about it. People who don’t believe in the flat earth, like those who don’t believe 9/11 truth, don’t talk or think about it. They don’t see it as important.


  1. To say the flat earth is a psy op, because everyone knows the earth is round, is like saying 9/11 truth is a psy op, because everyone knows the terrorist did it. No evidence or proof that the theory is wrong – its just a given.


  1. Flat earthers talk about evidence – no curve can be detected, aside from NASA photos.  Akin to asking about evidence of the planes, aside from video. Those opposed generally just name call and slander.

Flat earthers talk about flight paths between southern continents. Round earthers ignore that, as opponents of 9/11 truth ignore building 7.


  1. When pressed a common fall back position is “it doesn’t matter the shape of the earth“, as if the truth doesn’t matter and is unknowable. Sounds just like “it doesn’t matter what happened at 9/11“. Its usually what people say when confronted with logic they don’t like.


  1. If it were a psy op, who’s it on? Who’s telling us not to believe the bible? Maybe NASA doesn’t want the gravy train to end and so is trying to kill the flat earth movement. Money is on the round earth side, flat earthers just have the truth.


Flat Earth Videos:

The Great Flood on the Flat Earth     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5iaBplT7QI

ISS Hoax – The International Space Station Does Not Exist!   https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5e-RnKAN9qY

FLAT EARTH CONSPIRACY EXPOSED! Rob Skiba Proves NASA Fakes Photos and Videos  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SWTdAxm3Opc

Amateur Footage of FLAT EARTH!!! 2016 No fake NASA CGI  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qAPXZgJjv7A

Perspective NOT Curvature Flat Earth   https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjm_oeN5j1g

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  1. douktris sakė:

    manau tos pacios tarnybos pakiso ir acto garinima pries chemtrailus. nesudetinga diskreditacijos technologija, – prie teisingos informacijos prilipdyt nesamone. paskui “issilavine“ vikipedininkai saiposi is to.

    • Johnson sakė:

      Kaip beje ir pastebėjo daugelis, ponas Mackevičius skleidęs pliurpalus apie actą ir orgoną, ėmė ir aptilo, mažai besireiškia interneto tyruose. Matyt juodieji vokiečių sraigtasparniai vėl suka ratus virš trobos 😀

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