Illuminatevi for those who want to comprehend and understand the famous 90th grade:

ILLUMINATEVI per coloro che vogliono comprendere e capire il famoso 90° grado:

90/a: L’ultimo grado dell’Ordine conferisce all’iniziato una sorta di saggezza cosmica. Plana, domina il mondo, giudica in modo sereno. Assolve così una specie di regalità sociale cosciente simboleggiata dallo scettro del nostro cordone. Si rende conto del dovere degli iniziati di illuminare e guidare i loro simili, gli sfortunati profani, così spesso vittime di cattivi pastori. Qual è il dovere pi

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Illuminatevi for those who want to comprehend and understand the famous 90th grade:
90 / to: the last degree of order gives the started a sort of cosmic wisdom. Plana, dominates the world, judge in a peaceful way. Performs so some kind of royalty social conscious symbolized by the scepter of our cord. Do you realize the duty of the pledges to enlighten and guide their similar, the unfortunate profane, so often victims of bad shepherds. What is the most urgent duty, the most essential? Bring men and teach them peace.
This is the duty of the started: peace to men (Formula own of the rite of misraïm). This peace is inner both at the same time (each be being lit up on his own system and his great destiny) that outdoor (the collectivity of the men who must organise social life on peaceful collaboration of all, to the exclusion of any means of coercion, military). That is so: Fiat!
90 / B: the initiate must also be aware of the major obstacles that the commercial rivalry of nations poses to universal understanding. It must also provide for periods of evidence and blurred, of wars, of robberies, of destruction, of crimes, elicitation of hate, under the pressure of blind nationalism. Should include that the wise men will no longer be safe, but they will know about the persecution, the prison, torture and death. By providing these hours of pain and social decline, the master started must insist very because iniziatici orders to return to the traditional secret, to the most stringent disciplines of collective work stowaway, the adoption of names mystics to hide the names and identities profane, to education Strictly record with the exclusion of any written. But must never despair in humanity nor in the slow progression of his destiny. Assess peacefully every thing, it is the wisdom that is called Sophia.
90 / C: the started must never lose confidence in himself. He has in itself a particle of divinity, a secret fire of eternity. Must at the same time (see the pinafores) to give spiritual fruits and be humanly and socially useful; and never lose contact with the supreme power. From Here, on her apron, the tree load of fruit to the left and the mystical scale to the right.
Conclusion of the grade 90
The wise man is the owner and the initiator of peace.

Įrašas paskelbtas temoje gal kam pades atsibusti, kaip satanistai valdo, karas pries Lietuva (pasauliniu mastu - pries zmonija), LIBIJA _ LIBYA _ ЛИВИЯ_SYRIA_UKRAINE_RUSSIA. Išsisaugokite pastovią nuorodą.

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