Crisis actors exposed, the doubles and media blunders…. Pictures state 1000 words.

Occult gematria and numerology.decoded


Was the Arora /  Hook / Boston “Cry Bitch” spotted in Paris?


The Mossad coordinated this in-person, right before the cameras. Don’t they have any faith in the Mali special forces? The Zionist mole can also e sen, here, in this case carrying a kind of assault knife. What in the world is the purpose of the other Zionist agent holding his cell phone?

Mossad Agents Exposed In Mali Raddison Hotel Kidnapping Hoax

There could not be a more evident Zionist mole than the Israeli above, one of the producers of the Nairobi hoax.

NEW Paris Friday 13th False Flag Exposed in numbers inconsistencies 

Above TOTALLY staged, light bulbs intact, not one smashed, no visible material damage.

Sick use of Dead Bodies and blood to depict “Masons Eye” on theater floor.

Dummies mannequins along with movie making special effects used in theater

The blood streaked floor is interesting.  It…

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