Alabama: Military Vet Threatened by City for Living Off the Grid

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Military Vet Threatened by City for Living Off the Grid



Trey Sanchez

Tyler Truitt lives with his girlfriend on his private, two-acre property in Huntsville, Alabama. They live a “self-sustaining“ lifestyle with a trailer, solar panels, and a rainwater system and are not connected to any utilities. The city has condemned his home and threatened arrest if they remain on the property in its current condition.
“We live out here off the grid, 100 percent self-sustaining,” the military vet explained. “So I basically made all my utilities. I have my solar panels, I have my rainwater collection and stuff.”


I Want My Legacy To Be That They Know That They Screwed With The Wrong Guy — Andrew Breitbart

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  1. PS sakė:

    Čia pavyzdys tiems, kurie mano, kad gali atsisėdėti kažkur atokiau… Sistema pričiups visus ir visur.

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