The Tragedy of Eric Dollard and the Fall of Aaron Murakami

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Why we still don’t have Free Energy, The Lab Under Attack

The people of the world have been wanting free energy for a long time, yet with the hundreds of inventors who have supposedly cracked it.. why do we still not have it?


It is an agonizing question. Can the government control, corporate suppression, disinformation and misinformation really be enough to keep it away from us for over 100 years? Wouldn’t someone have gotten it out to the people by now? A lone wolf inventory who conquered his own greed and simply released it to the people…. where is he? The answer is that he has probably given up. Assuming that a person can conquer the challenges before them…

  • overcome the disinformation,misinformation and suppression of real science
  • discipline themselves enough to stay the course on the lonely road of experimentation
  • raise the funds from friend and family to build a working prototype
  • refuse to patent the invention and choose open source

They still must somehow find a way to market their invention to world. This is not as simple as making a post on Facebook. You need a small grass roots movements of inventors to back you up and replicate your invention as proof. Then you need to make a inspiring video that tells the story in a way that the average man can relate too, thus story telling skills are also required. So to do this one person will need the following skills.

  • Deep understanding of true electrical science, long suppressed since Tesla
  • Skilled Engineer with the ability to design machines
  • Open enough world view to study nature as the core of science
  • Fund raising ability
  • Story Telling / Film Making
  • Skilled Networker
  • Immense Mental Toughness (to stay the course and fight of the resistance)

Find one person good at anyone of those things is hard enough in this age of a deliberately dumbed down education system but finding someone who can do all these things well enough to bring Free Energy to Market is nearly impossible. Thus our only hope is to work together to do this. A movement that can unite us all with our egos brushed to the side for the betterment of all. Grass Roots, United and with a solid leadership. The bad guys know this so what do they do? They put themselves right in the middle of things.

They call it Controlled Opposition

Bad guys posing as good guys so that they can control what information gets out. They own the mainstream and ideally the must also control all alternative news and alternative science communities. People must gather somewhere to form a community and begin working together. The place where this has been done has traditionally been universities but they are now controlled completely through grants by corporate interests. Thus the last bastion left to us is the internet, more specifically alternative science forums on the internet.

We know that most Tesla Societies are controlled by disinformation agents and are purposely loaded with paid shills and now we also see that the forums on the internet are also controlled by the same people. Various corporate funded NGO’s will place selected agents in charge of these forums. These agents will be selected based upon key traits

  1. Greed: this makes an agent very easily to control.
  2. Sociopathy: Being able to lie and destroy reputations without guilt makes for effective suppression agents.

In exchange for making certain that anything that comes through is controlled and stopping anyone who gets to close these agents are allowed to operate their controlled communities and extract funds. We now see a perfect example of this.

Meet Aaron Murakami 40 years old and now in control of one of the internets free energy forums. He claims to be a “spiritual entrepreneur”. He also hosts a yearly Conference in Idaho. He sells books, videos and even some special water that promises to retard aging among other things. Aaron makes his living by hawking products on the forum.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 5.55.24 PM

Many have written in to us to tell us about their experience with Aaron Murakami

  1. I would advise you to get as far away from him as possible. His evil knows no bounds. He gave away my address and I got a visit, then he banned me. I’m much better off now. -H20Power Edward Mitchells
  2. I called Aaron Murakama out on attempting to patent the plasma circuit that had at it’s core the Tesla disruptive discharge circuit. He eventually banned me. He is greedy and looking to capitalize on others posts.  -anon
  3. He refused to pay me for selling my videos and banned me three times. He even emailed all my coworkers slandering me and messaged my friends on Facebook. That wasn’t enough for him tho, he had to also msg my girlfriend on Facebook as well. -anon

Tom Brown, former Director of the Borderlands Research Institute had this to say after Aaron threatened him with blackmail. Sociopaths always threaten people with blackmail as a matter of policy. Even if they have nothing they play on peoples paranoia.

Aaron: “I have enough information in my archives to show one or two very shady things that you have done in the past that are completely out of integrity and I can and will make this as big of a deal with as much publicity as it needs to be to expose the fact that you are not as altruistic as you claim.”  

Thomas Joseph Brown:  ”OK, Aaron Murakami let’s see it!!! Show me one shady thing I did in my past or be called out publicly (again) as a liar. You are a cowardly little piece of shit who manipulates words and bans people who would expose you if they could respond. You don’t have the courage or integrity to allow me to respond directly where you have made false and libelous accusations. I sacrificed much over the years to help a lot of people, not just Eric, and if it wasn’t for my efforts and putting up with a lot of childish crap from him 25 years ago you probably never would have heard of him. I have nothing to hide like you do. And I certainly never told the whole story of all the problems Eric caused because of my great respect for his vision. But I’m seeing the same scenario playing out again. This whole mess is already backfiring on you. Soon Eric will be blaming things on you, just goes with the territory. Your ‘holier than thou’ attitude has made a joke of your forum. You are just greedy, I gave all my work away for free and will continue to do so.  So now, what’s shady in my past that you have in your archives? Put up or shut up you petty tyrant!!!  PS. This will definitely be posted in public places you can’t stop. There’s a hefty BCC list of folks whom I’m sure would love to hear your answer to this.”

An army of people are now coming forward to expose this agent of controlled opposition and Sociopath Aaron Murakami. His forum is experiencing a mass exodus now. The elite engineers left a long while ago and now everyone else is following. Only the army of shills he protects shall remain.

All others with Aaron Murakami horror Stories please step forward and leave a comment.

Aaron is the ideal Controlled Opposition agent because he does indeed fit the essential criteria perfectly.


Aaron was quite threatened that we were giving away all videos and amassing a huge library of books for free for the public. The attention and media coverage we generated for Professor Eric Dollard made his conference pale by comparison. In his hunger to sell more videos and books he has latched unto Eric Dollard. It was not enough for all of us to work together to further the Professor’s work and science, Aaron blinded by greed had to have “control” of Eric. In the style of a true sociopath Aaron Murakami publicly accused the team of EPD Laboratories of being “nefarious elements pretending to help Eric but actually working against him”.

Sociopaths be definition tell lies that are always 100% complete. Aaron being the nefarious agent naturally accused us of being so. He targeted David Webster in particular. One of the Forum members Garret called him out for it.

  • “It’s my contention that your are actively and intentionally seeking to make conflict with the EPD Labs group in an attempt to use Eric as a means to make profit, at any cost to Eric and his research” – Garrett M

We  all immediately rallied to David’s defense.

Who is David Webster? David Webster has been Eric’s only friend for the past two years. David has spent countless hours being Eric’s ear through his pains and trials, David has raised money for Eric and sent every last dime to Eric. David has transcribed all of Eric’s notes, letters and even his book Lone Pine Writings.

Without David none of us would be here. Yet Aaron attacked his character, insulted him and did so with a tone of contempt strictly for the purpose of intimidation. Sociopaths have no sense of proportion knowing only a brute force style of lies.

  • “It is my opinion Aaron is trying to polarize Eric against EPD Labs in order to be able to exclusively publish material from Eric, and to receive money generated from Eric.” – John P
  • “I knew this would happen and did try and warn some involved. In a past collision I had with Aaron where I was pissed off that he was profiting from Eric’s older videos he tried to intimidate me by sending me a link to my facebook account and saying how I was so young (I was 17 or 18 at the time) and how you were much older and wiser. I bet you felt tough eh Aaron? You are what 50 odd and because a teenager was giving you a schooling in ethics you decided to intimidate them. Well I don’t get intimidated by a money hungry 50 year old keyboard warrior, I’ve grown up in a generation full of them. Aaron, you don’t think that your brainwashing will work on all here do you? You never frequent this topic other than to close them so to remove competition from topics that relate to products you get money for. Then you burst in here and denounce everyone that is actually helping Eric  The fact that you’ve attacked Dave Webster proves beyond doubt that you are the nefarious element in this mix. “ – Raui

What followed was hysterical attack after hysterical attack with a mountain of utterly perverse lies by Aaron Murakami against anyone who spoke out. The highlights of this exchange shall be posted below so that we may all learn to recognize the style of a sociopath. The elite members of his forum have recognized what is happening and called for a boycott. We shall update you all as this progresses.

Aaron Murakami’s Hysterical Sociopathic Rant Highlights

. ———————————————————————————

David, you have absolutely no comprehension whatsoever of what your mouth has just cost you – what you have lost out on that I was preparing specifically for you is dead, dead, dead – at least for you and I will offer it to one of my close friends who I know won’t stab me in the back. There is a lot more I would like to add, but I will leave it alone for now… Your response has just dug your own hole deeper as it has for EPD Labs. Raui – no comment for your mouth. You prove yourself to be an idiot. Therefore, it is completely stupid and pathetic for TechZ and John P to pop off at the mouth as they are claiming I’m “brainwashing” Eric. Eric has also believed this up until the email you sent me, which reflects bad on the organization and Eric – because despite all the parrot talking fools around here that don’t even know what the facts are and go off blabbering in their autopilot mode insulting me John P popping off at the mouth how I am manipulating Eric is pure unadulterated garbage. When the truth comes out, which it is coming, blabbering idiots insulting me here will be eating crow. EPD Labs is simply piggy backing like a parasite on the traffic that developed over that time because they’re clueless as to how to generate a network of their own. If it wasn’t for this vehicle here that I helped to provide, they would have almost nothing. You are obviously completely clueless to what I have brought to the table, what I am bringing to the table and what I want to bring to the table, but seeing that you all pop off at the mouth with your poverty-consciousness self-aggrandizing bs of what a bunch of heros you are, You can’t be that stupid John. I saw some reference from some idiot here that I embezzled money?  What a dufus. I see all these claims that I’m screwing people but they’re all from anonymous people with no proof. Only mental degenerates will believe an anonymous story with no proof and I’ve seen a few examples of that here already – we all have.

10 Responses to “Why we still don’t have Free Energy, The Lab Under Attack“

  1. Clifford Gobreski says:

    Please tell me more of your invention, “THE NETWORK GENERATOR”

    ( “EPD Labs is simply piggy backing like a parasite on the traffic that developed over that time because they’re clueless as to how to generate a network of their own” )

  2. I walk this road alone for now, blessed however, by the thought that I know the truth of it all. Yet my wisdom will only be understood in time but I have that too. Namaste!

  3. Gene Workowski says:

    You guys have a problem… when someone spends a week or more sleeping on the couch of someone with questionable character, those people have ways of changing minds… talk to someone in their sleep and it’s amazing what you can do. All of a sudden people start seeing the smallest infractions as if they were massive.

    Now you guys evidently don’t have the cleanest shirts either. Whether or not you’ve realized it, you’ve been manipulated into causing all sorts of trouble for Mr. Dollard. Unfortunately, the best way out of it may be to ensure he gets exactly what he wants, and then retire while he and his Bell Telephone / US government friends work things out for themselves.

    1. Video coming soon. EPD Labs guys are squeaky clean. We are dealing with professional liars and something we cannot control. The video will make everything clear.

  4. Exnihiloest says:

    I have also been banned very rapidly for simply having stated basic notions of physics that challenged absurd claims found on his forum. I consider him as a conman, as well as Lindemann, Bedini and many other pseudo-inventors.
    The free energy field is now fully polluted by these parasitic scammers selling snake oil. They must be fought.

    1. SeaMonkey says:

      As usual, you’ve said it very well Ex!

      It is good to see that you’re still busily
      engaged in the good fight to help truth
      advance against the forces of disinformation.

      Now, if only FarrahDay would come forth with
      her experiences with Aaron and the Energetic
      Science Ministries…

  5. Jon Abel says:

    Hi everybody,

    For those who have seen my work and my circuit – you know what can be accomplished. For those who are scared to make a difference, please Google “ndsu Jon Abel”

  6. Jonathan says:

    THERE IS TOO MUCH AT STAKE for any one here to get involved in back-stabbing. The way to New Energy is like the TAO, action without effort. Contention is just what “they” want. LET IT GO.


  7. Hi, I’m Electrotek.

    Aaron has no room to sue someone for libel after his viscious in kind suppression of my work on his forum. The outright quantity of his lies at that time made me ponder the possibility of a tinge of psychopathy. These lies can be pointed out easilly enough, starting with his initial concurently posted “prior art” video which didn’t even show a discharge cluster, much less a parallel capacitor. And his ‘I “was really interested” and “had many questions”‘ when he first posted my circuit was a downright lie he can’t substantiate. I didn’t even see the circuit when he posted it, because I was working on my own presentation. I only asked one question the whole way through (the one he linked to, to prove my ‘extreme interest’) and that was if he knew how to calculate resonance when using longitudinal energy. He lied that I did something that I didn’t do.

    Anyone who reads message numbers 1539 and 1547 of the Gray Tube thread will see how badly I got ripped off at energetic forum, when I was permanently banned for “blatantly plagiarising” Aaron’s work. He really went postal when I dared to use my circuit to discuss my own work. He administered a torrent of disinformation, misdirection, libel, and malicious lies. It’s all there in his “permanent public record”. I accused him of suppression. And I was right, because HIS explanation of Gray’s Tube is the only one he will allow on his forum. (The same may be true of various ideas in support of his books.)

    Suppression is hurting this community, and that’s what needs to stop.

    Jerry Volland

    P.S.: Eric’s recent statement that “there is no free energy fusebox” is in conflict with Eric’s prior claim to have built a Farnsworth’s Fusion Star with a burned out mercury vapor bulb. He has a lab now, so maybe he’ll rebuild that, then show how to extract resonant energy from the star into a transformer.

Įrašas paskelbtas temoje free energy, gal kam pades atsibusti, kaip satanistai valdo. Išsisaugokite pastovią nuorodą.

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  1. douktris sakė:

    this my post was removed by wordpress in claim A. Murakami. I reposted it again for free speech

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