atsirado komentatorius po senu mano yrasu pedofilijos ir mkultra tema, vaikysteje lankesis Tabor Farm.

mosmom sako:

This is interesting. I was taken to Tabor farm as a young child; I am an MK-Ultra victim, and this may have been where my initial programming/training began. I’m trying to find out more about the connection of Tabor Farm, Adamkus, etc. to MK-Ultra and pedophilia.

mosmom sako:

I don’t have many memories of what happened. I’ve just had confirmations over the years that I was used in the mk-ultra program, and was sexually abused by government people and celebrities, used for child porn. So I am trying to piece my life together. I have memories of going to Tabor Farm as a young child – several times. No real memories of what transpired there, except for the drowning – many MK-ultra victims have drownings at an early age – whether this is part of the torture you go through, or perhaps testing you for their dolphin/human programs (*tikriausiai ir Kedyte waterbordina Adamkaus chebra slaptam czv kalejime, jei dar gyva.), I don’t know. My parents knew Adamkus, but I don’t remember interacting with him. I grew up in Chicago; I was adopted by a Lithuanian American couple. I remember being taken for “IQ tests,” and my father telling me at about the age of 4 that he didn’t realize how profitable I would be when they adopted me. I had/have psychic abilities, and had telekinetic abilities as a child – this would be something that the govt. would look for, as a continuance of the Nazi research here in the US. I have memories of military people being in my house when I was very young – even in the crib, and also ETs, so my abductions were probably both by military and ETs. As I’m trying to put the puzzle pieces together, I realize that it’s strange that a man who has military intelligence background and is destined to become president of Lithuania is managing and owning a family resort – with lots of children around (*paryskinta mano). You don’t become a high level government official without being part of the bloodline. So what was he doing in those early days? When you read his biography, it would seem he wouldn’t have had time to manage and run a resort. I have many questions about him.



37 Project Superman – Illuminati Victim, Andy Pero, Speaks Out – Gang Rapes, Human-Alien Breeding

Įrašas paskelbtas temoje Drasius Kedys, gal kam pades atsibusti, istorija, JUVENALINE JUSTICIJA, kaip satanistai valdo, karas pries Lietuva (pasauliniu mastu - pries zmonija). Išsisaugokite pastovią nuorodą.

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  1. Atgalinis pranešimas: Deimantė Kedytė taip pat nužudyta? | Douktris's Blog

  2. Atgalinis pranešimas: Andrius Lobovas žinomas kaip aktyvus Drąsiaus Kedžio dukros Deimantės gynėjas, viešai prie Lietuvos prezidentūros pranešė, kad Deimantė Kedytė yra nužudyta. A.Lobovas pareikalavao Lietuvos Prezidentės Dalios Grybauskaitės, kad ši imtųsi ty

  3. martynasgee sakė:

    Prisiminiau kas metinius kaledinius Adamkienes ir Coca Colos zygius pas vaikucius

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