siokiu tokiu naujienu apie charlie veitch (is Love Police)

C. Veitch attacking David Icke:

cia dublikatas

Alex jones says he knew charlie veitch was an operative a year ago


Charlies WHOLE operation over the years was to ensnare as many people to follow him as possible. By using TRUTH and blatant lies (fools could not descern) he developed a mass following and catapulted his cult like status, which infact paid his bills and his designer clothes and paid his airfares accross the pond. Charlie being born a “Silver Spoon Wanker” found a happy medium passing himself off as a carring activist for social change. When in fact he is a TOOL for Big Government and an Elitist at heart..He is nothing more than a deRothchild wannabe masquerading as an arbitrator for the NWO….He is responsible for thousands of YT users being put on covert watch lists..Fuck You Charlie!!!C

Alex jones footage 11 JulY 2011

is yt folklioro:

I just feel compelled to comment. Don’t join any movement, it’s all distraction. The real truth, the real revolution, is a personal one. Slick mouthed con artists are going to leech every possible opportunity. Trust me on this: A college educated young adult with a degree in philosophy isn’t getting a real job. What you must understand is that the “Love Police” didn’t spark your consciousness: YOU DID. You only see what’s reflected. Don’t put the ‘catalyst’ on a pedestal

bradfromspent 4 weeks ago

Įrašas paskelbtas temoje gal kam pades atsibusti. Išsisaugokite pastovią nuorodą.

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